August 14-18, 2017

Upcoming Events:

Monday (August 14th)¬† Parent Night/ Open House- This is from 6:00-7:00PM. Please meet in your child’s homeroom.

Thursday (August 17th) Picture Day- This will the picture that will be used in our yearbook.

Friday (August 18th)- NEW EVENT THIS YEAR- Focused Friday- This is a STEAM event. Our related arts schedule and blocks will be shortened to allow us to do STEM/STEAM related activities in the afternoon.


Reminders: Students have the opportunity for a snack time daily. This is a working snack time (around 9:30). Please send only healthy snacks.


Math this week:

  • We will continue to practice our procedures and instruction on organization.
  • Expectations about assignments will continue to expand.
  • Number Corner activities will continue to expand our ideas of equations with various ways to represent a pictorial representation.
  • Common math vocabulary will be reviewed.


You can expect to see the following math assignments coming home:

1st -Drops assignments- These are assigned weekly. They are a spiral review of skills students should have already mastered.

  • Students are responsible for completing¬†one section a day. A label on the left side of the page will let students know what section to complete each day.
  • Students should not use a calculator to do this assignment, because state testing later in the year has portions that will not allow students to use calculators.
  • Students have been encouraged to have their parents check each section and correct any incorrect answers. Parents are welcome to use calculators.
  • Students are certainly allowed to work ahead each week.
  • Beginning in September, I will grade one section each week as a daily grade. Obviously, if your child is paying attention when we correct it in class and correcting this with a parent nightly, this weekly grade should be a good one.

2nd – Accelerated Math-

  • These assignments will vary in length from 10 problems to 30 problems. The length of the assignment will be based on the difficulty of the skill and the needs of the student.
  • One of these assignments will be recorded as a daily grade each week. Students who score below an 80% on this weekly assignment may correct it at home for extra credit points.
  • Extra Accelerated Math assignments may be completed each week for extra credit points.

3rd – Seatwork-

  • Students can expect one to two of these assignments per week.
  • These are not optional. Some will be taken as a grade; whereas, others will just be for practice of a skill.

4th – Quizzes-

  • These will be given occasionally to test a specific skill or small set of skills.
  • These will be taken as a grade.

5th – Tests-

  • These are rarely given; however, advanced warning will be given prior to any math tests.


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August 7-11

Upcoming Events:

Parent Night is August 14th from 6:00-7:00.


Our week:

Our focus this week will be on teaching students rules, procedures, and organizational plans. We will also begin Number Corner this week. One part of our number corner focuses is connecting a picture with a fractional representation of the picture. Some may even see beginning decimal representations.


Students will have the opportunity for a snack time each day around 9:30ish and 2:00ish. Snacks should be healthy choices. Our snack times are working breaks.



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